Lesson Rates
​Lesson Rates below are for private sessions. Cost is determined by number of weeks each child is swimming.  Registration Fees vary according to whether your family is a New or Returning Family 
New Swimmers 

For New Swimmers ages 8 months-age 4 years:  Private lessons offer your child the safest and most effective learning experience. Lessons are held 4 days per week (Mon-Thurs)  for 10 minutes per day.  Learning to swim requires a minimum of 4 weeks of instruction with many needing up to six so please plan accordingly. Weekly cost is $80 per week per child. 
Beginning Swimmers age 4 & up:  We find that many children both those with prior instruction and those who have never had lessons, lack the confidence to be able to enjoy the water independently. Most 4 year olds require 4 weeks to master skills. For 5 and up plan  at least 2 weeks.  To address each child's unique learning needs, all lessons are private. Sessions are  4x per week for 10 minutes each. Weekly cost is $80

Returning students ages 1 year and older 

Swimming is a vital life skill which is best maintained with continued instruction and practice.  Learning to swim is a process and continuing to make sure your child receives instruction is the best way to ensure that he or she becomes a strong and confident swimmer.  It is vital for the safety of children  to continue to return at least yearly for continued practice of swimming and floating skills.  As with initial lessons, returnings students take only private lessons lessons which are held 4 days per week.  Children under 4 should allow for 2-4 weeks of lessons with up to 4 being a good option for increased confidence and further development. Children 4 and older usually do well with a  two week session. Weekly cost is $80 for 4 sessions 10 minutes per day. 


All students must complete our registration process prior to beginning lessons each season.  Registration is done following scheduling. Please contact your chosen instructor who will provide you with the necessary form and payment policy. ​​

​New Families 1st student $35. Additional students $20 each

Returning Families $20 per child for those new or returning​​​​

For Registration contact an instructor via our Instructor Page